PowerFolder Client 11 SP4

PowerFolder Client 11 SP4 Release Notes

  • Release date: Oct 2017
  • Build Number: 11.4.583
  • Type: Drop-In

Upgrade Information

  • No extra steps or configurations are required during this upgrade.
  • Upgrading any previous version is possible.
  • Clients are compatible with each other from any version.

Downgrade information (optional)

  • In case a downgrade to a previous version is necessary:
  • Version 11.4 is forward and backward compatible to older and newer versions.
  • It is not advised to use the setup of the older clients because of the older Java version. Please only replace the PowerFolder.jar in the program directory.


  • [PF-872] - Updated Java to Version 8 Update 151

  • Release date: Sep 2017
  • Build number: 11.4.564
  • Type: Service Pack


  • [PFC-2846] - Config reload via command line while running
  • [PFC-2915] - Branding of Outlook Add-In
  • [PFC-2956] - Network optimization for high traffic systems: reduce connection requests to server and connections in TIME_WAIT status
  • [PFC-2957] - Show warning notification if filename is too long
  • [PFC-2982] - Improve connections: Disabled relayed connections
  • [PFC-2993] - Corrected brand name of client in Windows Startup
  • [PFC-3001] - Reduce network UDP broadcast from 10 to 60 seconds (configurable)
  • [PFC-3018] - Sync speed improvement: File request speed increased up to 300%
  • [PFC-3036] - 64-bit msi installer should install in %PROGRAMFILES% instead of %PROGRAMFILES(X86)%


  • [PFC-2696] - PowerFolders Cannot be Shown/Opened with Windows Metro Apps
  • [PFC-2895] - Newly created folder in windows explorer are displayed as New folder instead of their actual name
  • [PFC-2923] - Problem with umlauts in the context menu
  • [PFC-2931] - Client window not properly sized high DPI settings (e.g. on 4K resolution)
  • [PFC-2940] - No Shibboleth login via proxy possible
  • [PFC-2972] - UI locking option doesn't support Shibboleth logins
  • [PFC-2976] - Client doesn't start on Windows in Turkish language
  • [PFC-2977] - Client automatically restarts itself if the client skin can not be downloaded
  • [PFC-2987] - Support for 4K screens
  • [PFC-2988] - Outlook Add-In: HTML emails cannot be sent if they contain embedded images
  • [PFC-2990] - Ensure client connectivity with HTTP-Proxy with authorization
  • [PFC-2994] - Fixed "mount as drive" for SAML/Shibboleth accounts
  • [PFC-2996] - Windows: Client does not start when shell extension library cannot be loaded
  • [PFC-3000] - Add support for filenames containing the exact string "$%$" on Windows
  • [PFC-3003] - Distribution of client via psexec leads to explorer crash
  • [PFC-3008] - Client restart loop
  • [PFC-3015] - File link is not automatically generated with the PF client when not logged in at web portal
  • [PFC-3026] - Owner name now appended to folder name when new shared folder gets received
  • [PFC-3028] - Folders with stopped sync are automatically being synced again
  • [PFC-3029] - Restore old versions now working if folders are distributed across different servers
  • [PFC-3039] - Wrong notification type and behavior of "Folder Invitations"