PowerFolder Client 8 SP2

Release date: September 2013

Build number: 8.2.43 / 8.2.44


  • Cluster reconnection improvements
  • Display folder name when inviting someone
  • Ignoring exclusions which would exclude all files
  • Improved Dutch translation
  • Improved routine to close the client before upgrading
  • Improved Spanish translation
  • Include version information in Linux package
  • Option to invite or open after creating a folder
  • Prevent unnecessary client logins
  • README file for Linux package containing installation instructions
  • Removed change detection log entries on excluded files
  • Removed optional messages when sending invitations
  • Removed warnings for missing folder owners
  • Security enhancements in the transfer protocol - Kudos go to Frank Sievertsen
  • Updated code signing certificate


  • Client doesn't run as a system service with the bundled JRE
  • Client interface freezes rarely in HA cluster environments
  • Client unable to start on logon on Mac OS X 10.8
  • Creation of folder database and system subfolder on disconnected devices
  • Install process fails in some situations
  • Mac client doesn't sync directories ending with dots
  • Option to share links for files outside of a managed folder creates a new folder
  • Problem with non-ASCII characters on some Mac OS X systems
  • Random deletions of files or directories with non-ASCII names
  • Sharing a link via client doesn't work when not logged in to the web interface
  • Translation error in DE translation when moving folders
  • Tray icon doesn't show up on Ubuntu Unity 12.04
  • User interface freezing when opening the Windows Explorer from the internal file browser
  • Wrong encoding in the Dutch translation
  • Wrong icon size in the computers tab context menu