PowerFolder Client 9 SP3

Release date: May 2014

Build number: 9.3.120


  • Activation button is now hidden in the advanced preferences if client is already activated

  • Added online help for WebDAV errors

  • Added quickstart guide

  • Available folders are automatically synchronized in beginner mode

  • Client now opens default folder path in the file browser after first login

  • Delayed retry of login when using wrong credentials

  • Folder list display changes when using beginner mode

  • High severity folder problems are now displayed in the main window and system tray

  • Multi-language placeholder for personal files for the profile feature

  • Notification of highest severity will be displayed in the main window and system tray

  • Possibility to combine allowing folders outside the default folder path with the beginner mode

  • Possibility to view and revoke unconfirmed invitations

  • Report file deletion on info instead of fine level

  • Status text will only be clickable if user interaction is required

  • Support for confirming invitations

  • Support for Shibboleth entitlements

  • Tooltip for available online folders

  • Usability improvements when using beginner mode

  • Username field is no longer pre-populated with the Windows log-on username

  • Web proxy support for Shibboleth ECP authentication


  • Auto-recovery from MD5_ERRORs

  • Client still tries to synchronize a folder when permissions have been revoked

  • Create folder button is still available if quota is zero

  • Quota statistics are not updated in real-time when deleting files

  • Sync percentage doesn't respect mixed ignore patterns or paused clients

New Feature

  • MSI installer