PowerFolder Client 11 SP3

PowerFolder Client 11 SP3 Release Notes

  • Release date: Jun 2017
  • Build number: 11.3.474
  • Type: Drop-in


  • [PFC-3000] - Add support for filenames containing the exact string "$%$" on Windows


  • [PFC-2993] - Corrected brand name of client in Windows Startup

  • Release date: Apr 2017
  • Build number: 11.3.417
  • Type: Drop-in


  • [PFC-2986] - Clients starts synchronizing deleted folders again after deleting them from the web

  • Release date: Mar 2017
  • Build number: 11.3.408
  • Type: Service Pack

New Feature

  • [PFC-2871] - Integrate with WD My Cloud NAS


  • [PFC-1905] - Mount folder under Linux via WebDAV
  • [PFC-1961] - Show folder warning if computers tries to sync locally but has no read permission
  • [PFC-2324] - Shortcut to default folder path on Linux
  • [PFC-2869] - Auto mount folders as drives (instead of local sync) on login/startup
  • [PFC-2930] - Switch to selective sync, when data in cloud exceeds free disk space
  • [PFC-2958] - IdP V3.3 ECP support with content-type text/xml
  • [PFC-2960] - Remove/rename boring log message
  • [PFC-2963] - Add preference setting to control visibility of update check
  • [PFC-2964] - Don't show warning if information notification appears, e.g. new folder found
  • [PFC-2985] - Translation error when emptying the file history
  • [PFC-2884] - Client does not open to foreground when clicking item in systray menu


  • [PFC-2563] - Aborting the login wizard leads to the deletion of the formerly specified login credentials
  • [PFC-2747] - Existing clients doesn't apply changes on the update version check and client installer URL
  • [PFC-2782] - Folder creation under Ubuntu
  • [PFC-2783] - Notification when creating folder in root directory
  • [PFC-2852] - Client with read only rights, deletes and re-transfers files in rare cases when disconnected from server
  • [PFC-2863] - Pause options language doesn't change after restart
  • [PFC-2914] - When running PowerFolder, it does not appear in linux-taskbar
  • [PFC-2917] - Unable to register in PowerFolder client
  • [PFC-2933] - Password is not saved when restarting the client
  • [PFC-2937] - Client closes whereas minimizing is configured as exit behavior
  • [PFC-2938] - Unable to work with client once it is set up on KDE 5.8 Plasma Desktop
  • [PFC-2940] - No Shibboleth login via proxy possible
  • [PFC-2953] - Outlook AddIn: Attached file is not uploaded correctly in PF-Server
  • [PFC-2967] - 64-bit MSI doesn't include 64-bit JRE
  • [PFC-2968] - Client still offers possibility to change folder ownership if passing folder ownership has been disabled
  • [PFC-2969] - Client doesn't use new client download URLs if config.overwrite is set to false
  • [PFC-2975] - Client logs out after a few hours / Shows login screen