PowerFolder Client 11 SP5

  • Release date: Jan. 2018
  • Build Number: 11.5.625
  • Type: Drop-In

Upgrade Information

  • No extra steps or configurations are required during this upgrade.
  • Upgrading any previous version is possible.
  • Clients are compatible with each other from any version.

Downgrade information (optional)

  • In case a downgrade to a previous version is necessary:
  • Version 11.5 is forward and backward compatible to older and newer versions.
  • It is not advised to use the setup of the older clients because of the older Java version. Please only replace the PowerFolder.jar in the program directory.


  • [PF-962] - Problems loading skin from branded installation fixed
  • [PF-920] - Mac Client Developer-Signature fixed

  • Release date: Dec 2017
  • Build Number: 11.5.619
  • Type: Service Pack

New Feature

  • [PF-102] - Central client login in federation


  • [PF-847] - Sync now correctly finishes on all folders
  • [PF-877] - Folders aren't duplicated any longer when starting to synchronizing them
  • [PF-898] - Fixed problem with multiple folder creation
  • [PF-14] - Shared Folders with stopped sync stay stopped
  • [PF-909] - Client setting "create.folder.allow.network=false" now properly working
  • [PF-16] - Unexpected minimize/re-open behaviour of the client
  • [PF-467] - File history connection issues fixed