PowerFolder Client 9

Release date: December 2013

Build number: 9.0.42

New features

  • 32-bit and 64-bit .deb and .rpm packages for Linux
  • New beginner mode to simplify the user interface
  • Support for login via Shibboleth Identity Provider


  • Client configuration entry to force the user to update the client

  • File archive improvements

  • Folder list now expanding to the bottom

  • General tab now selected by default when entering the preferences

  • Groups listed in the members overview
  • Improved context-menu entry to stop the synchronization

  • Improved procedure to stop folder synchronization and deletion

  • Improved support for multiple monitors

  • Improved tray icons

  • Internet line speed detection now pauses all up- and downloads

  • Moved option to show hidden files to the advanced tab

  • New icon for shared folders in the Windows Explorer

  • Removed default permission configuration

  • Shortcut to default folder path on Mac


  • Client sometimes does not show 100% though it is synced properly

  • Invitation menu entry is shown in context menu for users without invite permission

  • Invitation notifcation is sometimes broken