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Here you find information about our version scheme for new releases.

Semantic version scheme

All version below version 14 are using a semantic version scheme. This means we are using a major version number, a minor version number and a revision number. Eg. it looks like this: 11.7.758

Major version number shows you if the version you are using is compatible with each other. In general we are downward compatible for at least 3 major versions. All version below might not work with the version that you are using. In every major version are huge differences in functions and features.

Minor version number show you the current service pack that you are using. This number indicates that there are huger changes than just plain bug fixes. This versions might include updates of jre or libraries additionally to bug fixes or other improvements. Generally we try to keep all minor versions in a major release compatible to each other. If this is not the case we will indicate this in our release notes. Please always read our release notes when updating to a new minor version.

Revision number shows if there are critical bug fixes or hot fixes inside. These versions never brake functions. In version 11 and below this number is continuously increasing. Starting with version 14 we are resetting this number after every minor version update.