PowerFolder Client 10 SP1

PowerFolder Client 10 SP1 Release Notes

Release date: February 2015

Build number: 10.1.80


[PFC-2514] - The root of mapped network drive can't be selected as a folder path
[PFC-2619] - Context Menu not available on every directoy of the base path
[PFC-2626] - Fix Linux install script
[PFC-2652] - Folder rename sometimes does not work properly if renamed into previously existing folder name
[PFC-2659] - Placing a Folder in the base path confuses the renaming
[PFC-2663] - Several logging improvements
[PFC-2666] - Correct conflict detection popup for .eml files
[PFC-2668] - NPE in pause logic
[PFC-2669] - Fixed HTTP proxy support for Shibboleth ECP authentication
[PFC-2676] - Login dialog now correctly opens if cluster / server is answering extreme quickly
[PFC-2677] - Password recovery link is not longer cut off. Now readable on tiny wizards


[PFC-1927] - Connect PowerFolder with OS X: Shell extensions
[PFC-1949] - OS X Shell/Finder integration: Sync icons on folders and files
[PFC-2572] - Option to prevent sharing of Windows network share
[PFC-2610] - Choose basepath in installation process _or_ beginner mode
[PFC-2614] - Show warning when overwriting lock of other user/device via auto-lock (Office files)
[PFC-2618] - Set default exclusion patterns correclty
[PFC-2631] - Beginner mode: Move setting of foldersbase dir to preferences
[PFC-2636] - Add context menu to folder "Change location". Ask for move
[PFC-2638] - Desktop-Sync
[PFC-2642] - Reduce number of requests of avatar pictures: Cache for 5 minutes
[PFC-2645] - Right-Click function on folder: Show files in OS-Explorer instead of stop sync
[PFC-2647] - Click on folder name should open file browser instead of stop sync dialog
[PFC-2661] - Open basepath in System-Explorer after first login and on first start
[PFC-2670] - Config entry to trust self-signed/any SSL certificate
[PFC-2673] - Add proxy setup button to sever select dialog (ConfigurationLoaderDialog)
[PFC-2674] - Wording: Renamed "Default folder path" to "Folders-basepath"
[PFC-2675] - Remove black background in web app: Strip mobile Interface from colors to prevent color conflicts in certain color themes