PowerFolder Client 10 SP5

PowerFolder Client 10 SP5 Release Notes

Release date: Apr 2016

Build number: 10.5.394

Upgrade information

  • Add the following PowerFolder Client config entry server.idp.external_names to configure text for external user organization in login panel for Shibboleth logins, example: server.idp.external_names=Org1,Org2,Org3


[PFC-2565] - The client will only show the permission a user actually has
[PFC-2727] - PowerFolder context menu missing after restart (e.g. preferences changed)
[PFC-2790] - Mac: Context menu and sync icons do not longer show up
[PFC-2791] - Outlook Plugin: Make the outlook add-in available for a specified file size
[PFC-2794] - Exclusion does not match first "." (dot)
[PFC-2795] - First login attempt fails after installing PowerFolder for the first time
[PFC-2804] - Not logged in state is displayed incorrectly
[PFC-2813] - Outlook Addin crashes when configuring password to the filelink
[PFC-2814] - Connection to server takes a long time
[PFC-2820] - Don't show Context Menu on Drives on Windows
[PFC-2821] - Cleanup option does not delete archived file-history
[PFC-2827] - When LDAP profile is enabled then the first login attempt for LDAP-users will always fail
[PFC-2834] - Unable to invite LDAP users who do not yet exist in PowerFolder
[PFC-2835] - Outlook AddIn: Incorrect value is displayed in file-link options
[PFC-2843] - Code execution vulnerability (We would like to thank Hans-Martin Münch, Mogwai IT-Sicherheitsberatung Münch for reporting this vulnerability.)


[PFC-2573] - Warning if changing the user account on same OS level user content
[PFC-2802] - Obfuscate password for HTTP Proxy in Config file
[PFC-2818] - NSIS Installer Settings
[PFC-2824] - MSI Installer Update
[PFC-2825] - MSI installer improvements
[PFC-2826] - Filelist: Display username @ device
[PFC-2832] - Add timeout for waiting tasks during connect
[PFC-2836] - Attachment HTML page should automatically start download of file
[PFC-2837] - HTTP(S) client connection from internet now also works with servers without public hostnames/IPs
[PFC-2838] - Configurable text for external users in login panel for Shibboleth logins
[PFC-2841] - New dutch translation - folder synchronizing