PowerFolder Android App 20 SP3

  • Release Date: February 2024
  • Build Number: 20.3.100
  • Type: Service Pack Release

(info) Due to backend updates and security fixes, the app is only compatible with PFS v20.1.100 onwards,

(lightbulb) We suggest the user to use Android v8.X or greater to experience the full performance of app  

PowerFolder App

Branded Apps  

(warning) will be available after sprint 53, users can use the PowerFolder app, after changing the server address, without SAML.

Set Minimum Version

To set minimum version in Android, use the following configuration entry, this is also applied simultaneously on the desktop clients:



  • PFM-517 - Fix server connection issue for custom servers 
  • PFM-519 - Fix upload of files from within app
  • PFM-487 - Fix upload of files from external third party apps 
  • PFM-516 - Provide option to close own account 
  • PFM-476 - Logout button should always be visible in settings/preferences 
  • INT-817 - Build APK files for QA from git branches