PowerFolder Server 17 FINAL

  • Release Date: February 2022
  • Build Number: 17.0.101 ((lightbulb) v17.0.100 was PowerFolder cloud internal release)
  • Type: Major Software Release

All production builds are starting from X.Y.100* and development builds (not for productive use) are starting from X.Y.1 - 99

* (Where X=Major software version and Y=Service pack number)

Upgrade Information

  • Please read this complete Release Notes and instructions before upgrading.
  • Please follow the regular upgrade documentation for Windows or Linux
  • Upgrading any previous version higher or equal to version 11.8
  • Cluster: Running different versions on the servers in the cluster is supported but limited to version >= 14.3.5
  • Java Runtime (JDK) Upgrade (Windows Only, Linux still uses JDK 15)

OpenJDK 17.0.2 GA


Update the file wrapper.conf in installation path to include the new required additional runtime parameters (changes in bold):

  1. Java Additional Parameters


In case you have customized your wrapper.conf please make sure the last five lines are included and all lines have correct running numbers.


In case you did not or wrongly apply the changes to wrapper.conf (Windows) your might see the following errors in your logs:

 (error) BasicLazyInitializer Javassist Enhancement failed

or while starting the service on Windows:

In this case please check again and/or contact our support including the files:

  • wrapper.conf

  • Logs

and we will assist you adopting your installation.

Downgrade Information (optional)

  • In case a downgrade to a previous version is necessary:
    • For a downgrade you have to review our downgrade documentation.
    • Simply replace the PowerFolder-Server.jar file with that from the previous version you would like to run.
  • Log messages due to the higher schema version of database can be ignored:
    • [DatabaseMigrator]: Database layout version is newer than expected.


  • PFI-59 - Upgrade Windows openJDK to version 17.0.2 GA (Client + Server) 
  • PFS-3931 - Fix wrong notification in folder management settings 
  • PFS-3949 - Fix display error in file links on .docx and .pdf files 
  • PFS-3943 - File links: Fix selective download for .zip files in cluster 
  • PFS-3946 - Apply complete settings to the file links same as the upload form during uploads 
  • PFS-3941 - 3.7.2 Upgrade jQuery framework to latest version 
  • PFS-3935 - Fix "-2KB" in the account editor and in quota bar 
  • PFS-3940 - Notes: Fix deletion and changes made throgh admin 
  • PFS-3938 - News: Sub directories and uploads should be shown and clickable
  • PFS-3954 - API: Copy accounts with infos from source to target system 
  • PFS-3952 - Provide sync of folders from source to target service 
  • PFS-3951 - Test and implement server - server - sync as server admin 
  • PFS-3957 - API: Copy organization from source to target server 
  • PFS-3956 - API: Copy groups from source to target system
  • INT-618 - Security fix in register form
  • INT-619 - Security improvement regarding "Common directory"
  • INT-620 - Security improvement regarding X-Frame-Options header