PowerFolder Server 14 SP8

  • Release Date: September 2019
  • Build Number: 14.8
  • Type: Service Pack Release


Upgrade Information

  • Please read the complete Release Notes and instructions before upgrading.
  • Please follow the regular upgrade documentation for Windows or Linux
  • Upgrading any previous version higher or equal to version 11.8.
  • New configuration parameters: server.federation.auto_merge_accounts
  • If you face the error message java.lang.IllegalStateException: Problem reading database configuration. org.hibernate.HibernateException: Dialect class not found: de.dal33t.powerfolder.A.L.C.B in the logs, please stop thee service, remove the line hibernate.dialect=de.dal33t.powerfolder.A.L.C.B from your Server Configuration File and start the service again.
  • Cluster: Running different versions on the servers in the cluster is supported but limited to version >= 14.3.5
  • (warning) Important: If you are on Linux, one additional step is necessary, which is not mentioned in the upgrade article from the Wiki. Please delete the existing /jre32 or /jre64 sub-directory in the installation directory before unpacking the new contents from the .tar.gz there as we ship a new different JRE now. Furthermore we do not longer support 32-bit OS for PowerFolder Server.

Downgrade information (optional)

  • In case a downgrade to a previous version is necessary:
    • For a downgrade you have to review our downgrade documentation since version 14.2 is not downgrade compatible by default.
    • Simply replace the PowerFolder-Server.jar file with that from the previous version you would like to run.
    • Please keep in mind to insert your old branding.
  • Log messages due to the higher schema version of database can be ignored:
    • [DatabaseMigrator]: Database layout version is newer than expected.


  • [PFS-3357] - Profiles and Quota are not functioning after update
  • [PFS-3375] - Fixed XSS vulnerability
  • [PFS-3374] - Users with 0KB qouta are unable to create folders and file
  • [PFS-3348] - Support for ONLYOFFICE 5.4: Username is not taken correctly in the documents using
  • [PFS-3376] - Data is missing in the subfolder names containing"SPACE" in the end
  • [PFS-3319Version setting for folders are not functional
  • [PFS-3315Quota is not properly calculated and displayed under my account
  • [PFS-3112Restoring directories is not possible
  • [PFS-3310Restoring data is not possible in read only folders through recycle bin
  • [PFS-3285] - Fix public link sharing in Android app


  • [PFS-3361] - Followup and fixes in federated account merge
  • [PFS-3317] - Add folder management to user account editor for admins