PowerFolder Server 17 SP4

  • Release Date: September 2022
  • Build Number: 17.4.102
  • Type: Hot-Fix Release

All production builds are starting from X.Y.100* and development builds (not for productive use) are starting from X.Y.1 - 99

* (Where X=Major software version and Y=Service pack number)

Upgrade Information

  • Please read this complete Release Notes and instructions before upgrading.
  • Please follow the regular upgrade documentation for Windows or Linux
  • Upgrading any previous version higher or equal to version 11.8
  • Cluster: Running different versions on the servers in the cluster is supported but limited to version >= 14.3.5
  • Java Runtime (JDK) Upgrade (Windows Only, Linux still uses JDK 15)

Improvement: Randomly create file link IDs

By default PowerFolder keeps the identical file link URL even if a file or directory gets re-used (deleted and restored/re-created)


to enable generation of new random IDs every time in file link URL when deleting and creating a file link to the same folder, directory or file set


Improvement: Auto Cleanup "phantom" folders

It was possible that folders got stuck - only visible on client, hidden in web portal, but not on server storage. Creating a new folder with the same name was also not possible.

To cleanup this add/set the following entry to PowerFolder.config at the server:


Default behavior:


New Feature: Audit Fields

The following fields are added for auditing:

creationDate, creationAccount, modifiedDate, modifiedAccount

To the following tables in the database:

Invitation, FolderSettings, Organization, Group, Account

In case of problems please update the database manually to db shema from 175 to 176 using the scripts:


Downgrade Information (optional)

  • In case a downgrade to a previous version is necessary:
    • For a downgrade you have to review our downgrade documentation.
    • Simply replace the PowerFolder-Server.jar file with that from the previous version you would like to run.
  • Log messages due to the higher schema version of database can be ignored:
    • [DatabaseMigrator]: Database layout version is newer than expected.


  • PFS-4057 - Fix "download" of top level folders 
  • PFS-4058 - Fix "download" button in file links

  • Release Date: August 2022
  • Build Number: 17.4.101
  • Type: Service Pack Release

Download Links

  • Linux 
  • Windows


  • INT-642 - Link visibility problems when user has no folders
  • PFS-4052 - Replace all invalid characters with underscore in possible paths 
  • PFS-4035 - Initiate Account migration through Organization API 
  • PFS-4049 - Store and show status of migration 
  • PFS-4051 - 5.1 Create link URI randomly 
  • PFS-4005 - Adjust OAuth2 /oauth/token to support application/x-www-form-urlencoded standard 
  • PFS-3983 - Check Storage Migration with encrypted folders 
  • PFS-3981 - Provide mouse-over tool tip for long folder and file names 
  • PFS-4033 - Set send date in the emails 
  • PFS-4029 - Restrict HTTP methods of login page to GET and POST 
  • PFS-4027 - Upload form: Create new link when email or name is changed after pressing upload 
  • PFS-4032 - getFolder API should deliver the federation status of the folder 
  • PFS-4038 - Not re-generate token after web login with token 
  • PFS-4041 - Delete avatar when org, account or group is deleted 
  • PFS-4042 - Fix link creation on sub, sub-folder 
  • PFS-4043 - Fix upload through file links in sub, sub folder 
  • PFS-4030 - Provide accessibility tab in the footer