PowerFolder Server 15 SP4

  • Release Date: August 2020
  • Build Number: 15.4.105
  • Type: Hot-Fix 

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ONLYOFFICE Integration Edition v5.5.3

  • We have tested and approved ONLYOFFICE IE v5.5.3 for PowerFolder-Server.
  • Generally the docker installation for the document server is recommended from us. 


Please make sure that in the PowerFolder.config the default value of ONLYOFFICE connection timeout is properly set, so that the sessions will not be expired when they are active and in use:


Where 86400 seconds = 24 hours = 1 day

Upgrade Information

  • Please read this complete Release Notes and instructions before upgrading.
  • Please follow the regular upgrade documentation for Windows or Linux
  • Upgrading any previous version higher or equal to version 11.8.
  • If you face the error message java.lang.IllegalStateException: Problem reading database configuration. org.hibernate.HibernateException: Dialect class not found: de.dal33t.powerfolder.A.L.C.B in the logs, please stop thee service, remove the line hibernate.dialect=de.dal33t.powerfolder.A.L.C.B from your Server Configuration File and start the service again.
  • Cluster: Running different versions on the servers in the cluster is supported but limited to version >= 14.3.5

Downgrade Information (optional)

  • In case a downgrade to a previous version is necessary:
    • For a downgrade you have to review our downgrade documentation.
    • Simply replace the PowerFolder-Server.jar file with that from the previous version you would like to run.
  • Log messages due to the higher schema version of database can be ignored:
    • [DatabaseMigrator]: Database layout version is newer than expected.


  • PFS-3671 - Creating new account with username of existing account cause loosing of rights and folders

  • Release Date: August 2020
  • Build Number: 15.4.104
  • Type: Hot-Fix 

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  • PFS-3665 - Avoid cleanup of temporary upload files before processing during high traffic usage

  • Release Date: July 2020
  • Build Number: 15.4.103
  • Type: Hot-Fix 

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  • PFS-3571 - Several Improvements in Upload-Form 
  • PFS-3632 - Fix file upload directly with Safari browser on iPhone/iPad 
  • PFS-3653 - Reduce logging on database exceptions 

  • Release Date: June 2020
  • Build Number: 15.4.100
  • Type: Service Pack Release


  • PFS-3616 - Occasionally folders show up empty in the web for a short period
  • PFS-3633 - Access problems to shared folders after account merge in federation
  • PFS-3627 - Increase timeouts between federation systems from 5 to 60 seconds
  • PFS-3623 - Improved logging: Reduced to loud SEVERE and WARN messages
  • PFS-3578 - HTML Editors for login, register and new after-login message
  • PFS-3576 - Better balance of folders among servers in cluster
  • PFS-3232 - Fix Storage-App in Web
  • PFS-3629 - Possibility to delete a federated service when proxy accounts exists
  • PFS-3628 - Avoid stale entry in federation if requests to setup federation run into timeout
  • PFS-3626 - Show sender/owner from invitation of federated folder
  • PFS-3619 - Punctuation correction in text for excepting invitations
  • PFS-3461 - Searching accounts is providing wrong results
  • PFS-3625 - Avoid creating unused empty temporary upload files in temp directory
  • PFS-3614 - Cosmetics in Groups table: Organization column should be filled correctly
  • PFS-3608 - Add language tab in user edit window for server admin