Upgrading on Windows

This guide describes how to upgrade PowerFolder Server on Windows based operating systems.

1. Before you start

Some points to note:

  1. Please check the minimum requirements, which are necessary to install and run PowerFolder Server. Further details can be read on the Server System Requirements page.
  2. Some anti-virus or internet security solutions may interfere with the update of PowerFolder Server. If you encounter any problems in that regards, we recommend to disable your anti-virus solution temporarily until the update is finished.
  3. Read the Server Release Notes to check if there are any special requirements in the release which should be upgraded to.


2. Update using the Installation Wizard

Updating PowerFolder Server is straightforward:

  1. Download the latest Windows Installer distribution for Windows based servers from our download site.
  2. Run the installer file to start the installation wizard.
    (info) If you receive a request from Windows User Account Control (which is turned on by default on Windows 2008/Vista and higher operating systems) which asks you to allow the program to make changes to your computer, please select 'Yes'. If you do not agree, the installer won't continue the installation.
  3. The first page will show you the license agreement. To agree to the license please click I agree.
  4. In the next step the installation wizard will offer an update of the existing installation. Click Next to start the update.
  5. The installer will now continue to update PowerFolder Server.
    (tick) After the update has finished, the installation wizard will automatically launch the PowerFolder Server system service. On its last page the installation wizard will offer you to open the web console in your default browser.