Server Features


  • Branding / white-labeling for desktop clients, mobile clients and web interface
  • Client update mirror and notification
  • Flexible APIs for process automation or third-party system integration
  • Granular permission system
  • Kerberos SSO support
  • LDAP and LDAPS Support
  • Notification system with custom alerts and sync summary reports
  • RADIUS Support
  • Scripting Support
  • Shibboleth Support
  • SMTP and SMTPS Support
  • WebDAV Support


Central Device Management

  • Deploying client folder and settings configuration profiles
  • Deploying configuration profiles based on IP ranges
  • Deploying configuration profiles to automatically backup folders from clients
  • Deploying configuration profiles to automatically sync folders to clients
  • Remote deletion of folders


  • Automatic fail-over mechanisms
  • Load-balancing and high-availability
  • Multiple servers with different storage systems
  • Replication of folders between servers 

Central User Management

  • CSV Exports
  • Custom user profile fields
  • License management
  • Setting device limits
  • Storage expiration dates and quotas
  • Viewing creation and last login dates