License Service API

This article describes the API of the RESTful license credit system web service. A account is required to connect to this web service via BASIC authentication.

Using the License Service API

The service is reachable at the URL:

At least one parameter called "action" must be passed to this URL.


Actions supported by the License Service API

Action: testConnection

For checking the availability of the service. Result: SUCCESS

action"testConnection" must be used.


Action: getCredits

Retrieves the current amount of (micro) credits. Result: The number of credits available, e.g. 1337

action"getCredits" must be used.


Action: generateLicenseKey

Generates a license key. Result: The license key code as plain/text.

action"generateLicenseKey" must be used.
emailThe email address to issue the key for
orderNumberThe order number
nComputersThe number of computers the key is valid for
type"PRO" must be used.
gbSpace(Optional) The amount of space in gigabytes to managed local with the key
validFromThe date the key is valid from. format: yyyy-MM-dd
validToThe date the key is valid to. format: yyyy-MM-dd