Server Maintenance Folder

The Server Maintenance Folder is located on the server and contains the following resources:

  • Client activation keys
  • Client installation packages
  • Email templates
  • Web interface skins
  • Translation files


The Server Maintenance Folder will be automatically created by PowerFolder Server right after the first start. It is located here:

  • Windows 7/8/2008/2008 R2/2012/2012 R2: C:\ProgramData\PowerFolder\PowerFolders\server_maintenance
  • Linux and Mac: ~/PowerFolders/server_maintenance

(Warnung) Some sub-directories are public accessible by web. Please read carefully where to place files.

(Warnung) In addition the location to maintenance folder can also be found in PowerFolder Web under Preferences-General-Maintenance Folder.




(Info) The root directory is not accessible by web.

The root directory of the maintenance folder should only contain sub-directories, but no files.


(Info) The /client_deployment directory is accessible by web under the URI /client_deployment, e.g.

This directory contains files required to deploy and update the PowerFolder client software: Latest used client program version information and software installer EXE.

PowerFolder_Latest_Installer.exeThe latest available Windows installer distribution of PowerFolder. Used to download and auto-upgrade clients.
PowerFolder_Latest_Mac.dmgThe latest available Mac installer file of PowerFolder.
PowerFolder_Latest_Linux.tar.gzThe latest available Linux (.tar.gz) package of PowerFolder.
PowerFolder_Latest.i386.rpmThe latest available Linux (.rpm / 32-bit) package of PowerFolder.
PowerFolder_Latest.x86_64.rpmThe latest available Linux (.rpm / 64-bit) package of PowerFolder.
PowerFolder_Latest_amd64.debThe latest available Linux (.deb / 64-bit) package of PowerFolder.
PowerFolder_Latest_i386.debThe latest available Linux (.deb/ 64-bit) package of PowerFolder.
PowerFolder.jarThe latest available JAR file of PowerFolder. Used to download and auto-upgrade clients running as system service.
PowerFolderPro_LatestVersion.txtContains an up to 8 character identification string of the latest available client version (e.g. "9.3.120"). Increase this to automatically roll out a new client version. Clients will get notified and asked to update.
Default.configThe default client configuration file used for initial setup of clients. Clients that have no specific profile assigned, will download and apply this configuration file each time they start.


(Info) The /license_keys directory is accessible by web, but only after successful authentication with a valid account and assigned license key.

The directory contains license keys used for activation of clients.


(Info) The /resources directory is only partly accessible via web, only the files in the sub-directory web-resources/skins are available via web for web interface skinning purposes.


This directory contains templates for emails being sent out by the server in various situations. They are all in a HTML format and can be easily edited.


This directory contains avatars uploaded for users or groups.


This directory contains templates you create in the web interface in new sub-directories.


This directory contains custom translation files, which can be activated by removing the dash and restarting the service.


(Info) The /ssl directory is not accessible by web. The certificate and key stored in this directory will be used by the PowerFolder Server internal web server.

The SSL directory contains the certificate, certificate request and private key generated with the SSL configuration wizard in the web interface preferences. If the internal function to provide SSL support is not used, this directory is empty.