Server TransferMode

You can change the transfer mode for the serve to optimize your performance and reduce the load of your system. There are different configurations depending on how you are using your server.

The mentioned files are stored in this directories

Windows: %programdata%\Powerfolder\

Linux: /home/<Username>/.PowerFolder/

If your application has exclusive access to your file system you can reduce the IO and memory usage.

For that you need to deactivate iNotify functionality within the application and reduce the scan of the filesystem to once a day.

When you are using a system with external database you need to update the table "foldersettings". There the row "syncprofile" stores the transfer mode of your server.

When you are using a system without a database you just need to edit the PowerFolder-Folder.config.

Default settings

true,true,true,true,1,false,12,1,m,Auto Sync,true

Scan once a day

true,true,true,true,24,false,12,1,h,Once a Day,false

The first number an the single character "m" are the time that the server waits until it scans the next time. The Name "Auto Sync" can be defined freely but shouldn't stay the same as Auto Sync!

The last parameter triggers the iNotify functionality. It is advised to not deactivate this when you don't have exclusive storage access.

If you are using a setup without exclusive access it is advised to keep the defaults. If your IO is still to hight you can change the time from one minute to a value that you are comfortable with.

Entry for your PowerFolder.config File

default.transfer.mode=true,true,true,true,24,false,12,1,h,Once a Day,false