Freeze Folders

From PowerFolder Version 10.4 SP4 it is possible to retain the content and permissions of a Folder.


To activate this feature please set the two configuration entries:

Entry namevalue
folderbase.deleteddirBACKUP_REMOVE (or any other name that suits your needs)

"Freezing" a Folder

Now click on the Delete Folder button on the very right of the Folder Entry in the Folders table of your server.

This Folder will then be moved to the BACKUP_REMOVE directory on the folder base path on the server.

In addition another file will be stored in the base path of the Folder. The file's name follows the pattern Members_<Folder Name>_<Username Owner>.csv

Content of the Members file
$ cd /path/to/folders/on/server
$ cd BACKUP_REMOVE/Workgroup Data/
$ cat Members_Workgroup
#FolderID 2W5pXw4jThsAJcY7gGwUA