Tuning low-level network settings

This article describes how to tune low-level TCP and UDT network settings of the client to achieve higher transfer rates or to optimize the client to your network.

(warning) The settings described in this article require a basic understanding of the IP protocol stack, therefore don't use them, if you are not experienced in this regard.

We recommend to read the article about TCP Tuning on Wikipedia before proceeding.


Tuning the TCP / UDT socket buffer size

It's possibe to control the TCP send and receive buffer (SO_RCVBUF / SO_SNDBUF) adding the entries below to the Client Configuration Files:

# TCP and UDT connections

# UDT Connections only

Tuning the chunk size and and queue

Files get transferred over the network in small packets called file chunks. These chunks contain a certain amount of data (e.g. 32KB) transferred at one to a remote device. When the client requests multiple chunks at one from the remote device stored in a queue.

Setting the maximum size of a file chunk

To control the maximum size of a chunk:


Setting the maximum number of file chunks in the queue

To control the maximum file chunk queue size: