Working with Organizations

With the concept of Organizations the PowerFolder Server is able to offer multi-tenancy.

The PowerFolder Server Administrator can create an Organization to seal groups of users off from each other. Those users will only see other users of their Organization.

User Management

There are two kinds of users within an Organization:

  1. Administrative Users
  2. Normal Users

The Administrative Users are able to see more detailed information about the Organization, e. g. the number of users or the used storage space. In addition, they are also able to create Normal Users within an Organization and assign them storage from the storage space the Organization possesses. Furthermore, they can also create Folders which they can assign to specific Normal Users within the Organization.

Normal Users are either created by Administrative Users in the Organization or by the admin in PowerFolder Server, which then are assigned to an organization. The storage space of the Normal Users consist from the storage space the Organization possesses, for example if the storage space of an organization is fully divided between Normal Users then the Administrative Users are unable to create Normal Users since the storage space has already been used. 

Configuration Entries

Config EntryValueDescriptionExplanation
  • true
  • false
Enable auto-complete on organizations only

If set to true, auto-completion for users will only work within organizations.

If set to false, auto completion for users will show all users of the installation.
  • true
  • false
Allow organizations created by users

If set to true, normal users will be able to create an Organization.

If set to false, only administrative users are able to create Organizations.

  • true
  • false
Allow organization admin access to folders

If set to true, the Organization Admin has access to all Folders of the Organization.

If set to false, the Organization Admin only sees his/her own Folders.

If these settings is activated, please note that in the case that the Organization Admin passes ownership to a Folder he/she is owner of to another user, the Organization Admin will be removed from the Members list! value

The default value for the maximum number of users, when an Organization is created by a normal user.

This number has to be set to a value smaller than the number of maximum users of your PowerFolder Server License.


Integer value

The default value of storage space a new user gets.

This value has to be smaller than the storage limit of your PowerFolder Server License.

Individual Organizations Branding

From PowerFolder Server Version 15.8.100 it is possible that the admins can create an individual branding for their users, existing organizations and also new organizations can use their own web branding with logs and color combinations for available options:

The admins can customize the branding for their users:

After saving the settings the branding is available directly and the user is directed to the landing page after login

(warning) Please reload the browser cache if the organization branding is not loaded in the web browser