Log message: No connection to any license service possible


Clients don't activate properly or don't receive any licenses and therefore don't sync. Furthermore you might encounter one of the following messages in the server logs:

  • No working license service connection found. 
  • No connection to any license service possible, please check internet connection and license username/password.
  • Test to license key service failed. Response: 401: Unauthorized. 


Those errors might have several reasons:

  • A firewall is blocking outbound HTTPS (TCP/443) connections from the PowerFolder Server to *.powerfolder.com.
  • The https://my.powerfolder.com account used to activate the server might have a changed password.


Depending on the reason, you might try one of the following steps to solve the problem:

  • Check if your Server License Account credentials are correct
    • Go to https://my.powerfolder.com and login with the account email which holds your license and the according password
    • In case you cannot login please reset your password and check if you can login now
    • Login as admin to your Server go to Preferences/ General/ Licensing and enter the same Details which you used to succesfully login at  https://my.powerfolder.com
    • Press save and check if the problem still exists
  • Allow outbound connections on HTTPS port 443 (TCP) to *.powerfolder.com or to the following hostnames:
    • my.powerfolder.com
    • os003.powerfolder.com
    • os004.powerfolder.com
    • os005.powerfolder.com
    • os006.powerfolder.com
    • os007.powerfolder.com
  • Check you are able to login to https://my.powerfolder.com with the account specified under Preferences > Licensing in the server web interface. If that's not possible, reset your password for that account at https://my.powerfolder.com and enter the account and new password in your server's web interface under Preferences > Licensing or re-activate your server under your server's URL https://powerfolder.example.com/activation ((warning) Make sure you replace powerfolder.example.com with the correct URL of your server). Restart your server afterwards. Click the Test button under Preferences > Licensing to check if the connection succeeds.