End-to-End Encryption using Cryptomator

PowerFolder Client is able to sync the encrypted files directly from your vault that is created from Cyptomator.

Cryptometer uses AES and 256 bit key lenght for the files and file names for encryption, a vault can be created through and that can be used directly in the PowerFolder client.

Download and Installation

Please follow the following steps:

Add Vault

  • Create a new vault

  • Add the vault

  • Please use the basepath of PowerFolder and create a folder “Encypted Folder” in the basepath of PowerFolder Client, that is used as vault:

  • After that select a password for your new vault:

  • Create a recovery key and save this at any safe place:

  • Unlock and finish the process:

Data usage of the Encrypted Data

  • The encrypted folder and its data can be used directly in the client after unlocking.

  • The data is encrypted on the device and is available on cloud

  • The key files can be saved on any other place, so that on the need the data can be recovered.

  • Also when the vault is locked the folder and data can be used as usual in the PowerFolder client

Depricated: https://powerfolder.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/PF/pages/301914