DEConfiguring warnings and notifications

The client offers several warnings and notifications when facing certain events. Those warnings and notifications can be configured or simply being turned on or off. To configure warnings and notifications:

  1. Click on Preferences in the main window.
  2. Click on Warnings & Notifications.

Available warning and notification settings

Prompt for duration when pausingEnabledWhen using the Pause option in the main window of the client, the client will stop all synchronization activities and checks for changed files in the filesystem. If this option is enabled, the client will offer a prompt for the duration of the pause.
Show warning if cloud space is about to be exceededEnabledWhen using online storage (cloud space) for backing up / synchronizing folders, this cloud space most probably has a space restriction. If this option is enabled, the client will issue a warning, when more than 90% of the cloud space is in use already.
Show warning if no direct connection is possibleDisabledThe client can synchronize folders via a direct data connection using port 1337. This is usually the fastest type of synchronization. There are also fallbacks to other methods like relayed traffic by a server, tunneling, etc. If this option is enabled, the client will issue a warning that there is no direct data connection possible.
Show warning if synchronization is running when exitingEnabledTo make sure the client finishes the synchronization before shutting down, you can enable this option. If this option is enabled, the client will issue a warning if the synchronization is still running and will offer options to keep it running or to exit anyway.
Show warning on possible filename problemsDisabled

Different systems have different sensitivities for case problems in filenames, e.g. 'Folder' is on Linux a different directory than 'folder'. On Windows it's the same. The client will issue a warning and offer three possible solutions for the conflict if this option is enabled:

  • Sync anyways - will take the file with the latest change date and overwrite the older one.
  • Rename - rename the file to solve the conflict.
  • Do nothing - don't sync, don't rename, don't overwrite.
Show warning when folders are out of syncDisabledThere might be situations, where a folder has not been synchronized for a certain amount of time, e.g. when other members of a folder were offline for a while. If this option is enabled, the client will issue a warning after 10 days. The amount of days can be configured separately using the option below.
Warn after (Days)10Specifies the number of days after which a warning will be issued, which makes the user aware of an unsynchronized folder.

Configuring desktop notifications

The client shows notifications for certain events using a desktop notification, means a small pop-up overlay showing up in the right lower corner of the desktop. Those notifications can be configured.

Display system notifications when minimizedEnabledSpecifies if the desktop notifications should appear even if the client has been minimized.
Transparency0%Usually the desktop notifications are not transparent. However it is possible to define a transparency not block complete parts of the screen.
Delay (seconds)10Specifies after which amount of time the notification should disappear automatically.