DEEnabling delete protection


If a folder is accidentally deleted on a device, there is a risk that this deletion is propagated to other members of a folder. With mass-delete protection turned on, the client prevents mass-deletions propagated and reflected to other members of a folder.



Enabling mass-delete protection

(info) Mass delete-protection is turned off by default. To enable it:

  1. Enable the Advanced Mode.
  2. Click on Preferences in the main window.
  3. Click on Expert Settings.
  4. Check the Enable delete protection checkbox.

Configuring delete protection

If delete protection is enabled and the client detects that more than a specific threshold percentage of files have been deleted locally in one run, the client will automatically switch the transfer mode of a folder to a Share/send. Furthermore a warning will be displayed in the notifications area of the main window. If the deletion is intentional and the warning is accepted, the transfer mode will be switched back to the original one and the deletions will be distributed to other members.

(info) Delete threshold is set to a default of 95%.