DEMSI-Installer option to specify base path


With the MSI installer the folder base path can be set during the interactive installation process. The installer proposes the folder base path already set in the registry. If no folder path was set the installer proposes the default path $HOME/PowerFolders. It is also possible to set the parameter via command line parameter:


msiexec /i installer.msi FOLDERBASEPATH=C:\test


The installation can also be done completely silent (requires console with administrator privileges):


msiexec /i installer.msi /qn FOLDERBASEPATH=C:\test


During installation, the folder base path is written to the registry of the local user (foldersbase). A second key (foldersbase.overwrite) is also written to the registry and set to true. At the next start of the PowerFolder client the folder base path is read from the registry and the overwrite flag set to false. From this point on all changes to the folder base path are controlled by the client and automatically synced to the registry.