As a user you have the possibility to create groups of users that have access to the same shares. This feature helps you to share all your files to groups of other users easily.

For creating a group just open your account profile and switch to the tab Groups.

Creating groups

There you just have to press the  to open the creation dialog.

  • First you have to enter the group name and optionally a note for which people you created the group.
  • On the folders tab you can add a new folder or an existing one that you want to share with the whole group.

  • On the Members page you can add existing users to your group. You also can assign admin permissions to another user so that he also can add folders or members to the group or delete those.

Editing groups

  • After you click on save the group appears in your list. If you click again on the group name the edit dialog opens.
  • Now that the group exists you also may upload an avatar to the group to help you to identify for which purpose you created it.