Cloud Features


  • Accessing folder via WebDAV
  • Creating and removing folders
  • Drag & Drop Upload
  • Downloading folders as ZIP archive
  • Image Gallery and Music Player
  • List and Tile Views
  • Managing folder permissions (read, read/write, admin)
  • Managing folder settings (file archive, public or private access, transfer mode)
  • News system to view latest changes / updates
  • Sharing folders with other users
  • Viewing account information
  • Viewing device information
  • Viewing folder information like size and synchronization status

Files and Directories

  • Creating, renaming and removing directories
  • Creating, renaming and removing files
  • Downloading directories as ZIP archive
  • Sharing files and directories via link including expiration dates and download limits
  • Uploading files including bulk upload
  • Viewing and restoring deleted files
  • Viewing file information like last change date, modifier and size