Web Branding Configuration

Install new branding

If you received a v14 branding from us, it is very simple to deploy it on your installation.

  1. Extract the files within the zip folder.
  2. Copy the all files into the directory server_maintenance/resources/branding

That's it. Your branding should instantly change after deleting your browser cache.

Here is an example template for the non-branding customer so that they can provide us the elements for their individual branding: powerfolder_default_branding.zip

Element Size / Resolution

The size is given in pixels for all the elements

Branding Elements:

  • Favicon for web browser (ICO - 16x16)
  • Complete Logo for welcome landing page (PNG 484 x 102)
  • Small Logo for homepage taskbar (PNG 72 x 72)
  • Wallpaper for welcome landing page (PNG 1920 x 1080)