PowerFolder Android App 11 SP8

Release date: February 2020

Build number: 11.8.230

Type: Service Pack Release

(tick) Android app is compatible with PowerFolder Server v11.X or v14.X

(lightbulb) We prefer to use Android v8.X or greater to experience the full performance of app  

PowerFolder App


Branded Apps 


  • PFM-472 - Handle LDAP login and logout issue 
  • PFM-468 - Uploads are not possible through Android file manager due to lost of login credentials 
  • PFM-467 - Improve reloading of server config and IdP-List 

Release date: January 2020

Build number: 11.8.220

Type: Service Pack Release


  • [PFM-459] - App support for SAML and federated login