Outlook Add-In Guide (Unavailable)


The 'PowerFolder Outlook Add-In' is an integration for PowerFolder into Microsoft Outlook.

This Add-In is designed to make mailing a lot more comfortable with PowerFolder.

The 'PowerFolder Outlook Add-In' will upload attachments from E-Mails to a PowerFolder server and generate download links for it.

Those attachments will be uploaded encrypted. It is also possible to secure those attachments with an password.

The recipient will get an E-Mail containing download links for the specified attachments.

Sharing files with E-Mails has never been easier.


Before installing the 'PowerFolder Outlook Add-In' make sure you have the .Net Framework 4.5 installed.

It is also required to have a PowerFolder Account.

This add-in officially supports Microsoft Office 2013 and Office 2016.

  1. Download the PowerFolder Outlook Add-In
  2. Double click the 'PowerFolder Outlook Add-In' file and follow the installation introduction.
  3. Restart Outlook to use the 'PowerFolder Outlook Add-In



Configuring the 'PowerFolder Outlook Add-In' is quiet simple.

First of all enter your server address and your credentials into the Preferences you can do this by pressing on the 'PowerFolder' tab.

Now you will the 'PowerFolder Outlook Add-In' Menu

Option 1: Will open the Preferences

Option 2: Gives you the option to create a new account, visit the PowerFolder homepage and also show you the documentation

Option 3: Will check for update and download it.

Since we want to configure our plugin we click on 'Option 1' to open the 'Preferences'.

Option 1: Here you should enter your server address

Option 2: Enter your username here

Option 3: Enter your password here

After that is done you can click on 'OK' to save your credentials.

Since the PowerFolder Outlook Add-In gives you the option to add additional options to your generated File Links you may want to set default values for them.

You can do this by using 'Option 4' and 'Option 5' on the picture above.

Option 4: Insert a maximum download count for your file to be downloaded

Option 5: Insert the validity in days for your file

If Outlook is configured via Microsoft Exchange Server, it has a 20 MB attachment size limit. The limit can be changed in the settings of the Exchange Server (see https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/2813269).

If Outlook is connected to a Microsoft Exchange Server or an IMAP Server, the size of each attachment is limited to the maximum quota of the mailbox. The limit can be changed by increasing the maximum quota of the mailbox.

Congratulations your 'PowerFolder Outlook Add-In' is configured.