Working with folders

Viewing the folder list

After logging in to the cloud web interface you will see an overview of folders which have been created by you (in the below screenshot - MyFolder) or shared with you by other people (in the below screenshot - SharedFolder).



Creates Directory.

Invite others to the folder.

(info)You can either invite members or Email-Address.

Downloads the folder as a ZIP archive.

Shares the folder as a ZIP archive via link.

(info) You can only share a folder via link if you are an ADMIN or OWNER of the folder.

Stops the online backup and deletes the folder.

(info) You need to delete a folder in two steps:

  • First time pressing the delete button will remove the folder from the cloud storage, however it still may be synchronized offline between clients.
  • Second time pressing the delete button will remove it from the list of folders and remove access rights.