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Release date: Aug 2016

Build number: 11.0.206

Mac: Activate finder extensions (Sync icons and context menu).

New Feature

  • [PFC-2455] - Multi Homing/Federated PowerFolder Clouds: Access/Sync different PowerFolder Servers/Clusters from Client, Web and Mobile App
  • [PFC-1922] - Polish translation
  • [PFC-2896] - Spanish translation
  • [PFC-2897] - Portuguese translation


  • [PFC-2275] - Support connections to multiple network IDs
  • [PFC-2620] - Don't show Context Menu entry on Start Menu
  • [PFC-2762] - Review / Optimization of Mac Client
  • [PFC-2806] - Never minimize to system tray icon if unsupported
  • [PFC-2817] - (MSI) Installer option to specify base path
  • [PFC-2838] - Configurable text for external users in login panel for SAML/Shibboleth logins
  • [PFC-2853] - SAML/Shibboleth Client Login: Improve mixed authentication setup with multi LDAP
  • [PFC-2849] - Optimized filesystem scanning. Increased performance by 15%
  • [PFC-2850] - Folder list: Run only one UI updating thread at once
  • [PFC-2866] - Exclude Sync of "Boxcryptor" directory from Desktop folder
  • [PFC-2877] - Remove SEVERE loggings in server logs regarding shell extensions. Disable on server.
  • [PFC-2881] - Improved opening and closing of the transfer list
  • [PFC-2874] - Look-ahead Java deserialization (Whitelisting)
  • [PFC-2905] - Downgrade capability when adding permissions
  • [PFC-2909] - New PowerFolder splash screen


  • [PFC-2773] - Fix context-menu: Open file location in web
  • [PFC-2450] - System service not working on Windows 8.1, 10 and Windows Server 2016
  • [PFC-2537] - Option to remove the icon from the dock on Mac OS X
  • [PFC-2712] - Accurate representation on members
  • [PFC-2727] - PowerFolder context menu missing after restart (e.g. preferences changed)
  • [PFC-2775] - Mac-Client responds buggy with extended display
  • [PFC-2815] - Shell extensions prevent auto-refresh of the Explorer window
  • [PFC-2834] - Unable to invite LDAP users who do not yet exist in PowerFolder
  • [PFC-2844] - Attachment size exceeds the allowable limit
  • [PFC-2848] - Exception on when accepting new TOS
  • [PFC-2855] - File explorer crashes when the client synchronizes folders
  • [PFC-2857] - Translation error when marking files in use
  • [PFC-2859] - Dialog "A new version is available" appears on every start of Outlook
  • [PFC-2860] - Missing sender name in attachment message
  • [PFC-2862] - Backed up folder is displayed multiple times below "This PC" in Windows 10
  • [PFC-2865] - Wrong translation when emtpying the file history
  • [PFC-2880] - Client offers multiple selection of folders when creating a new folder
  • [PFC-2890] - When receiving folder invitation estimated size of the folder is always displayed as 0 Bytes
  • [PFC-2893] - Invitations not working with email addresses containing capital letters
  • [PFC-2901] - Problem with umlauts on login screen
  • [PFC-2911] - Login wizard automatically selects incorrect institution


  • [PFC-2745] - Multi server / account support in client
  • [PFC-2875] - Sharing between federated service via web portal
  • [PFC-2876] - Federation management on admin web portal
  • [PFC-2892] - Look-ahead Java deserialization: Make whitelisting mandatory
  • [PFC-2907] - Convert all branded License.txt to rtf