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  • Release Date: March 2024
  • Build Number: 20.3.101
  • Type: Hotfix Release


  • In case a downgrade to a previous version is necessary:
    • For a downgrade, you have to review our downgrade documentation.
    • Simply replace the PowerFolder-Server.jar file with that from the previous version you would like to run.
  • Log messages due to the higher schema version of database can be ignored:
    • [DatabaseMigrator]: Database layout version is newer than expected.

Beta: New Feature "WOPI"

The Web Application Open Platform Interface (WOPI) is an open standard protocol developed by Microsoft that allows web-based applications to integrate with Office Online server products. WOPI enables seamless editing, viewing, and collaboration on Office documents such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, all within a web browser.


WOPI is available in this release as beta feature and can be tested with local ONLYOFFICE document servers. 

Please don't use WOP productive using this server version


  • PFM-518 - Fix display of new created folders in Android app 
  • INT-819 - Automatically bill partners without customer and more than 50 GB usage