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  • Release Date: End of November 2019
  • Build Number: 14.10.2
  • Type: Hot-Fix Release



  • [PFS-2707] - Increase web-upload speed 
  • [PFS-3406] - Adding tabs "Accessibility" and "Cookies Policy" in the web footer
  • [PFS-3407] - Quota bar is calculating the amount of data correctly
  • [PFS-2671] - Restore previous file version in web
  • [PFS-2701] - Dashboard and Servers in web interface should summarize storage information of all storages
  • [PFS-3266] - Org Admin Account should not be able to set own expiration date
  • [PFS-3351] - Last login information in the user account
  • [PFS-3395] - Removing advance security control option from admin folder security panel 
  • [PFS-3415] - Fix account distribution in cluster overridden by Default.config
  • [PFS-3424] - Federation timeout problem during login. Handling of service downtime
  • [PFS-3425] - Re-send activation email on password recovery if account is not activated yet 


  • [PFS-3417] - Upload of large files into encrypted folders is not functional
  • [PFS-3390] - Upload of many folders and files together is not reliable
  • [PFS-3314] - Folder size is not showing up correctly in case of cluster setup
  • [PFS-3414] - User has no access to folders when admin do manually some changes in the user account
  • [PFS-3306] - User quota is not calculated properly and results in exceeding uploads
  • [PFS-2816Upload complete message on the web doesn't wait for the file to be moved to the folder
  • [PFS-3250Server doesn't send invitation mails to LDAP accounts
  • [PFS-2876Logout button doesn't handle Shibboleth users 
  • [PFS-3165Cut and paste of files is not working in PFS v14.2.7 
  • [PFS-3340] - Email notifications are not receiving from upload form page