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NameFormer nameTypeDescriptionDefault valueChanged
server.namen/aStringDescribing name for the UI.
server.urln/aStringServeraddress Server address should start with 'ldap://' and end with '/'.
search.usernamen/aStringName of the user who is allowed to search the LDAP.
search.passwordobfn/aStringThe hidden password of the search.user. Is generated automatically.
search.passwordn/aStringThe password of the search.user. Is transferred to search. passwordobf and then deleted from the configuration file.
search.basen/aStringDescription of the accounts in the LDAP tree, below which you want to search for users, groups, and organizations.dc=company,dc=localn/a

0 - No organisation organization mapping
1 - Single Domain mapping
2 - Multi Domain Mapping

To what depth below the search.base you want to search for and import organizations.0n/a
search.expressionn/aStringSearch filter used to identify the user. $username is a placeholder replaced by the name of the user.(|(sAMAccountName=$username)(mail=$username)(userPrincipalName=$username)(uid=$username)(distinguishedName=$username))n/a
search.expression.groupsn/aStringSearch filters that identify the groups.(|(objectClass=group)(objectClass=groupOfNames)(objectCategory=group))n/a
search.groups.membern/aStringAttribute that identifies the members of a group. In an ActiveDirectoryActive Directory, a group contains the member attributes.member


search.groups.member_ofn/aStringAttribute that identifies the groups of a user. In an ActiveDirectoryActive Directory, a user contains the memberOf attributes.memberOfn/a
sync.typen/a0 - No users
1 - Only already imported users
2 - All users in LDAP
How should users be imported from an LDAP/AD?0n/a
sync.timen/aIntegerTime interval in hours between automatic user imports.0n/a
accounts.match_emailn/aBooleanShould users known to the PowerFolder server be merged with information from LDAP/AD if the e-mail address matches?truen/a
sync_groups.enabledn/aBooleanShould groups be imported from LDAP/AD?falsen/a

Filters that identify users. For OpenLDAP (objectClass=person) and for ActiveDirectory (&(objectClass=person)(!(objectClass=computer))) .

mapping.mail_addressessearch.mail_addressesStringComma-separated string containing the attributes to be added to a user as e-mails.mail,mailAddresses,proxyAddresses(warning) Name changed
mapping.usernamesearch.account_nameStringComma-separated string containing the attributes that identify a user name. The first appropriate attribute is used to set the user name.sAMAccountName,uid(warning) Name changed
mapping.given_namesearch.given_nameStringComma-separated string of attributes that identify the first name.givenName(warning) Name changed
mapping.common_namesearch.common_nameStringComma-separated string of the attributes representing the common name, e. g. the full name, if it is a,commonName(warning) Name changed
mapping.middle_namesearch.middle_nameStringComma-separated string of the attributes containing the middle names.middleName(warning) Name changed
mapping.surnamesearch.surnameStringComma-separated string of attributes containing the last,surname(warning) Name changed
mapping.display_namesearch.display_nameStringComma-separated string of attributes containing the display name.displayName,name(warning) Name changed
mapping.telephonesearch.telephoneStringComma-separated string of attributes containing telephone numbers.mobileTelephoneNumber,telephoneNumber,mobile(warning) Name changed
mapping.expirationsearch.expirationStringComma-separated string of the attributes that contain an expiration date for a user.accountExpires(warning) Name changed
mapping.valid_fromsearch.valid_fromStringComma-separated string of the attributes that contain a validity date for a user.validFrom(warning) Name changed
mapping.quotasearch.quotaStringComma-separated string of the attributes that contain the quota for a user.quota(warning) Name changed
mapping.quota.unitquota.unitStringSize unit for the quota of a user.GB(warning) Name changed
server.username_suffixesn/aStringComma-separated string of the user name suffixes to establish a mapping between user groups and an LDAP/AD server.
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