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In this article we provide several information about configuring PowerFolder Server as a white-labeled, branded solution.

Parts of the branding

  • Branded Desktop Clients for Windows / Mac / Linux
  • Branded Mobile Apps for Android and iOS (including the deployment process to the Apple iTunes and Google Play Stores)
  • Branded Web Interface

Updating all parts mentioned above is also included in the yearly branding fee. You can still decide if you wish to deploy the new version to your customers / users.

Information required for the creation of the branding

We need the following information to create the branding for you:

  • The intended name of the application / service (e.g. MyPowerFolder).
  • The URL under which clients and web users can reach your web-interface (e.g.
  • The primary and secondary color (as web / hex values for example #ff00ff)
  • A scalable scale able logo (.eps / .ai) or an alternative high resolution logo (.png /.psd / .tif) with a transparent background
  • Icons in the following resolutions: 32x32, 128x128 and 1024x1024
  • Optionally a reference which gives us an impression how you wish the applications to look (e.g. homepage, brochure or a CI manual).
  • Optionally the public key files of your server(s). Located in configuration directory name "PowerFolder.public_key" and the nodeid of the server.
  • Contact details of the responsible person for questions during the branding process and the review phase.

(info) If you have questions about the requirements above, please contact us at Without this information we cannot start the branding process.


Please note that deploying a Mobile App to the Apple Appstore App store can take up to 8 weeks due to the review process of Apple.



Deploying branded / white-labeled clients

If branding for PowerFolder Clients has been ordered, we provide them in a folder assigned to your account, which has been used to order the licenses.

In order to create a white-labeled client / web skin we will need additional information and images from you, please fill out the following form and send it back to us along with your companies logo images: PowerFolder Branding Form

To download the white-labeled clients:

  • Go to
  • Login with the account name / email used for ordering
  • Enter the folder Distribution <Product Name>
  • Download the clients described below:





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