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  1. Create a user account for PowerFolder in the web interface of the server, if not already done.
  2. Follow Step 1 & 2 from our Installing on Linux Guide. Tough we are not installing a server, the first two steps are the same for installing a client.
  3. Create a sub-directory called /powerfolder in the home directory of the dedicated user for PowerFolder.
  4. Download and extract the latest PowerFolder Linux .jar and file tar.gz package file into the directory created in the step before.
  5. Create a PowerFolder.config file in the same directory with the contents below:

    Code Block

    (plus) Replace the value for config.url with the URL of the PowerFolder Server web interface.
    (plus) Replace the value for server.connect.username and server.connect.password with the username and password created in the first step.
    (plus) Replace the value for nick with a name under which the device should appear in the web interface. 

  6. Change file permissions for the file:

    Code Block
    chmod +x
  7. Execute the file:

    Code Block
    ./ start