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Build number: 9.2.74


  • Single sign-on via Kerberos
  • EPPN is not displayed on the user account page in Shibboleth environments anymore

  • Improved suggestion for local sync path

  • Improved warning message if user places a file in the base directory

  • Installer command line option to enable Kerberos authentification

  • Main screen now shows display name instead of email if available

  • New folder configuration file

  • Option to configure error message if account is invalid

  • Removed option to cancel the client restart after changing preferences

  • Separator bar between action buttons and folder listSingle sign-on via Kerberos


  • Client doesn't start on Mac if user is not administrator

  • Creating a new directory doesn't select the new directory automatically

  • Default folder path is readable for everyone on Mac OS X

  • External users can't login in Shibboleth environments

  • HTTP tunnel doesn't work in cluster environments

  • Invitation email field doesn't resize properly when entering long email addresses

  • Remember login doesn't work in Shibboleth environments