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Customer Branding

The branding for the clients and mobile apps is only provided through PowerFolder developers, there is no method to adjust or replace the branding.

titleElement Size / Resolution

The size is given in pixels for all the elements

Client Branding Elements

  • Logo 32x32 (.png and .ico)
  • Logo 48x48  (.png and .ico)
  • Logo 128x128  (.png and .ico)
  • Header logo 432x100  (.png)
  • Splash screen 574x295  (.png)

Installer Branding Elements 

  • Header install screen 150x57 (.bmp)
  • Header uninstall screen 150x57 (can be same as header install screen) (.bmp)
  • Wizard installation screen 328x628 (.bmp)
  • Wizard uninstallation screen 328x628 (can be same as wizard installation screen) (.bmp)

Mobile App Branding Elements

  • Logo 36x36 (.png)
  • Logo 57x57 (.png)
  • Logo 72x72 (.png)
  • Logo 96x96 (.png)
  • Logo 114x114 (.png)
  • Logo 144x144 (.png)
  • Logo 512x512 (.png)
  • Logo 1024x1024 (.png)
  • Android mood screen 1024x500 (.png)
  • Default landscape screen mobile 1024x768 (.png)
  • Default landscape screen iPad 2048x1496 (.png)
  • Default portrait screen 786x1024 (.png)
  • Default portrait screen iPad 1536x2008 (.png)
  • Default screen 640x1136 (.png)
  • Splash screen mobile 320x480 (.png)
  • Splash screen iPad 640x960 (.png)

Example Brandings

Desktop Clients

iOS Apps

Android Apps



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