Configuration by a script

PowerFolder supports to get configured by command line or script. This makes it easy to configure clients automatically. It is possible to create or join existing folders via command line option.

Command line option

Format: "PowerFolder.exe" "--createfolder" "key1=value1;key2=value2;key2=value2;..."


"C:\Program Files\\PowerFolder.exe"
 "dir=D:\Data\FileToBackup;name=Backup of %COMPUTERNAME%;syncprofile=false,false,false,false,5,true,22,0,m,Backup daily at 2200;backup_by_server=true;silent=true"

This sets up the directory D:\Data\FileToBackup to be backed up daily at 22:00 (10:00 pm) to the connected server.


Directory name

It's mandatory to specify a directory name. e.g.


PowerFolder name

The name of the PowerFolder is optional. e.g.

name=My Work Files

If omitted the directory name will be taken as logical PowerFolder name.

PowerFolder id

The internal ID of the PowerFolder is optional, but must be provided when joining an existing folder. If omitted a random generic ID will be generated.


Transfer Mode setting

It's possible to configure the transfer mode for the client by providing the following command line key/value:


If omitted "Auto Synchronization" is taken by default.

Download Script

To set the script that should be executed after a successful download on the folder provide the following setting:

dlscript=C:\Newfile.bat %1

Backup by Server

It's possible to automatically mirror/backup the folder by the server by adding the following setting:


The client will automatically configure to server to backup/mirror the created/joined folder.

Silent setup

By default a configuration wizard opens letting the user confirm all settings. If the client should automatically set everything up without user interaction add the following setting:



Many settings can be taken from Configuration file such as the Transfer Mode setting (syncprofile) and ID


PowerFolder.exe "--createfolder" "dir=D:\APPLICATION\UPGRADE;name=APP/UPGRADE;syncprofile=true,true,true,true,5,false,12,0,m,Auto-sync;id=XDSFFFDFD;dlscript=AUTOUPDATE.bat#silent=true"

Joins the existing folder "APP/UPGRADE" and synchronizes the files from/to "D:\APPLICATION\UPGRADE". After successful download the script "AUTOUPDATE.bat" is executed. The whole setup happens without user interaction (silent).

Removing folders

It is also possible to remove folders by executing a script. Format: "PowerFolder.exe" "--removefolder" "key1=value1;key2=value2;key2=value2;..."

The keys "name", "dir" and "id" can be used to identify a existing folder. Examples:

PowerFolder.exe "--removefolder" "name=APP/UPGRADE"
PowerFolder.exe "--removefolder" "id=[ds77X6d7834]"
PowerFolder.exe "--removefolder" "dir=D:\APPLICATION\UPGRADE"

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