Problem: SSL certificate not working after upgrade


When updating the server, the SSL certificate imported into PowerFolder Server may not work anymore afterwards.


Reset the SSL certificate and setup SSL again. To reset the SSL configuration:

  1. Stop PowerFolder Server.
  2. Remove all entries in the Server Configuration File which start with ssl..
  3. Remove all files in the sub-directory /ssl in the Server Maintenance Folder.
  4. If you have a web base URL set, make sure to remove it from the Server Configuration File. However please save it to set it back later again.
  5. Start PowerFolder Server and access the web interface through the unencrypted URL.
  6. Go through the SSL setup again. ((warning) Please only use the copy and paste fields. Currently the direct upload of certificate files is not working!)
  7. If you had a web base URL set before, make sure to add it again to the Server Configuration File.
  8. Restart PowerFolder Server.