Problem: Duplicate folders

In rare cases (0,1%-0,5% of accounts) may experience duplicated folders. This bug existed in PowerFolder Version 11.1 or below. Version 11.2 prevent this from happening. To solve a user / folder which is affected please follow these steps:

  1. Execute the following SQL to list all duplicate folders: select id, basePath, count(*) AS cnt from FolderSettings GROUP BY hex(basePath) HAVING cnt > 1; (info) Remember the folder IDs
  2. Identify the dupe folder, which can be removed with Folders API. Take the folder with only a single owner and no other accounts. (info)  Remember the folder ID.
  3. Actually remove the folder with API executed with parameter "deleteData=0" (warning) and the folder ID.

Version 11.2 or higher contain an automatic cleanup process.

Related tickets:

  • PFS-2045 - Avoid duplicate folders when setting up multiple folders at once from client
  • PFS-1957 - Automatic cleanup of duplicate folders

Auto cleanup process (Version 11.2+)

  • The cleanup process checks every 30 minutes for duplicate folders.
  • If it finds these the following WARNINGS will be logged:

  • Cleaned up duplicate folder for 'username'
  • Unable to automatically clean up duplicate folder for 'username'
  • In case of the latter message a manual cleanup by admin or user is necessary.