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(warning) OUTDATED: PowerFolder is fully compatible with the new version of Boxcryptor


Table of Contents


This user guide explains how to setup PowerFolder to work with Boxcryptor Classic adding additional security by end-to-end encryption (E2EE). End-to-end encrypted files in PowerFolder are available on desktop computer, notebook, iPhone, iPad or any Android device. Drawback: Files won't be readable after download from the web portal since decrypting files by web browsers is not possible. Note: It's possible to select specific folders to be end-to-end encrypted while securing others by standard security.



Always use the drive letter when accessing, changing or coping files to the encrypted folder. Only files which are stored in the drive letter are being transparently encrypted by Boxcryptor Classic.

You can also share this folder with other PowerFolder users. Please send the encryption password through a secure channel to the other user. Note: Encryption is severely weakened if a insecure channel is used to transmit the encryption password.


To access a previously encrypted folder or access a encrypted folder, which has been shared with you please follow these steps:


The support for the new version of Boxcryptor is in development. The new version of Boxcryptor is currently unable to connect by WebDAV to PowerFolder. The issue has been reported and Boxcryptor is working on a patch (20 Feb 2015).